Good evening Erik-

I am pleased to meet you albeit via email. I wanted to reach out to express sincere gratitude and to applaud Rocio (Rosie)Torres, Mitchell Augier, and Oscar McDonald.

My dad had several strokes severally impacting his brain. This forced us to have to act swiftly and transport him to a nursing facility. To further complicate things the nursing home was about 6-7 hours away. Being in the hospital so long made him sad. Nonetheless Rosie, Mitchell and Oscar took care of him on his journey and transported him safely. My mom, sister and myself were overjoyed by how he was cared for, we cried because like angels they were sent into our lives.

The purpose of me sending this thank you and for us lauding you’re team, is because they didn’t just do their job. They went above and beyond. Their level of customer service, professionalism, empathy and humanitarian effort made the journey easier. As a whole they handled him with so much respect and helped him maintain his emotion but most importantly they helped make the journey less scary for him. When our dad arrived at the facility, they helped settle him in before departing. He was smiling and that says a lot! Honestly for what they have done, we will forever be grateful.

Even writing this note evokes such emotion it’s hard not to tear up. In today’s society, it’s surreal that experiences like this, are even possible. Please send them our love and appreciation, and if ok – let them know my dad is doing ok. We are working to help him gain acceptance closer to us in NYC. Fingers crossed! At some point, we would of course love for them to bring him back!

Respectfully submitted,

Neisha, Tiffany and Cheryl

Good afternoon Michael,

I just wanted to send over this note of appreciation for the help provided yesterday from SeniorCare.
As you are aware- we had a critical patient that needed to be transferred from GSH to Mt Sinai. As soon as the bed was secured in Mt Sinai- SeniorCare provided us with the GS link to allow us to see the responding units. This was a tremendous help as we were able to show the patients family where the ambulance was and how soon they would arrive. This truly helped a very stressful situation.
When the team arrived- led by Nick Safehaven- they presented in a very professional manner.
There were many people watching this transfer and your team really shone. Nick and Josh led the entire team and skillfully transferred the patient. The crew was proficient, smooth and respectful.
All involved felt that the patient was remaining under skilled care and would be well taken care of during the transfer.
The overall demeanor and approach that the crew took toward this difficult transfer was outstanding and appreciated.
Thank you again and go green!

Joshua Hans- CCEMTP
Captain- Unit 59
Hatzoloh of Rockland County

Good evening, I want to express gratitude on behalf of The Waterford and our residents family. This morning I called Abe asking for ALS for a resident who was semi responsive, lips were cyanotic and her pulse was at 30 and dropping. He had an ALS crew with BLS back up in the facility in less than 10 minutes.

Yoni Bekhor and Meir Friedman were the ALS crew and Avi Pusateri and Akiva Bedziner were the BLS crew.

The medics were calm and collected the entire time. They were able to get a line, which was very hard on this resident, push drugs and bring her pulse back up, get a BP which before was unobtainable and bring her O2 sat back up as well. She left the building joking around with the crews.

The residents son called us up crying thanking Senior Care for saving his mother’s life.

I have no doubt that if we had waited longer this would have been a very different type of call, which would have been very hard on the family as the residents granddaughter is getting married tomorrow night.

Thank you all so much, we thank the crew, Abe and Vadim. They all honestly saved a life today of a very beloved resident and allowed a granddaughter to not have to deal with the loss of a grandmother on her wedding day.


S. F.
Assistant Administrator

I would like to commend the service of two of your employees who transported my father, from Maimonides Medical Center to his home on Sunday September 13. We had requested that SeniorCare be selected to bring him home, so that my nephew, could intervene and be the one to transport him. Although we did not find out that the hospital did arrange as we requested until the team showed up in the hospital corridor, we were quite pleased with the service that was provided. Varun Gajai and Erica Holmsburg provided service that was superb. Not only were they focused on getting the job done, they were smiling, pleasant, and eager to please during the entire transport. My father is not at all a young man, and his mobility is limited. While they needed to maneuver him onto the stretcher, and from the stretcher onto a chair, they worked together as a team, gently and respectfully, until he was inside his home. They were sensitive to his condition and did not in any way treat him harshly. Not once was there a sharp word uttered. I would like to thank them both again for the excellent job that they did.


L. C.

I spoke with my father just now — he, literally, could not stop saying how great your people and your system (and even your equipment) are.  From the moment you arrived at St. Barnabas to pick up my mother until your took her upstairs at her home hours later, your team embodied professionalism, competence and compassion — giving my parents confidence and security in this time when they would otherwise be without.

My father said that he literally does not know how they would have managed without you — and he is looking forward to your team being with them tomorrow as well.

Anyway, I and I know my parents would do anything to help you — if you need testimonials, endorsements (my father has been on staff at St. Barnabas for fifty years), anything. Please let us know.

M. G.

I, rather late, wish to inform you of the caring service I received from those employees, cited above who are employees of yours.

In June, 2019 they showed reassuring and safe transport for me in my illness from Lenox Hill Hospital to Village Rehab and Nursing Center.

Suffering from COPD I caught a serious virus which put me in a very serious health condition, hence, the long delay in thanking your workers not only for their excellence in doing their services but for just as important to a patient their willingness to do their assigned tasks.

Your employees bring great credit to your services and I would highly recommend anyone to your organization for such excellent care I received.

Gratefully yours,


Yesterday I called SeniorCare ambulance for an ALS crew for chest pain. It was not a simple case. The responding medics were Bus 680 with Seemangal, Anuj And Olsen, Evan. They were courteous, professional, and very respectful towards the resident, family, the doctor, and staff. It is people like these that make your company what it is. Thanks for everything!

F. L.

I was so happy and pleased with the crew that picked me up yesterday. I just wanted to let everyone know you have good and professional people working for Senior Care. I am so glad and happy that I knew to call SENIORCARE EMS SERVICES!

I. M.

The unit performed exceptionally well and maintained the highest level of professionalism. The crew assisted in establishing ROSC in the field and me and my Partner assisted them to hospital with the transport. Thank You!

C. D.

I want to commend two of your ems workers Michael Martinez and Kaven Morris for their outstanding patient care and the terrific communication skills with the radiology staff at South Nassau Communities Hospital. It was a truly pleasurable experience to deal with two fine individuals.

G. H.
Phone: 718-430-1525
Bronx NY 10473
700 Havemeyer Avenue