24/7 Critical Care on Demand

  • Our modern ambulances and highly trained & qualified paramedics are always available to provide the fastest response time along with the highest standard of critical care.
  • Clinical Excellence and Outstanding Customer Service.

  • ACLS

  • Cardiac Monitoring

  • Non invasive and Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

  • Ambulance Transfusion Service (ATS)

  • Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)

  • Impella

Advanced Life Support

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances are staffed by New York State Certified EMTs and Paramedics and State-of-the-Art Medical Technology.

In addition to Basic Life Support supplies, they are equipped with state of the art life saving equipment including 12-lead cardiac monitors with defibrillation and external pacemaker capabilities, intravenous medication transfusion pumps, pulse oximeters, ventilators, automated non-invasive blood pressure monitors and emergency medical/cardiac drugs.

All Paramedics and Paramedic ambulances fully comply with all New York State Department of Health regulations, as well as Regional EMS Council of New York City, protocols. ALS ambulances are for individuals requiring advanced pre-hospital intervention or inter-facility transportation. Our paramedics can provide patients with advanced care including IV’s, cardiac monitoring, and intubation. Examples of some ALS emergency services include the treatment of chest pain, shortness of breath, altered mental status, cardiac arrest, and major trauma.


Having to navigate complex medical issues can be challenging enough, without having to deal with transportation issues for yourself or a loved one. We have the experience, and more importantly, the understanding, to cover all of your medical needs. You no longer need to worry about your family members’ medical transport needs, even when you’re in need of long distance services. We are your partners for better health at every level of medical transportation.

We treat you like family.

Our staff of friendly and knowledgeable operators is always ready to assist you with all of your transportation needs. With close to 1000 talented employees and over 160 ambulances, we are one of the most dependable long distance medical transport companies in New York, extending the same amount of care for all of our clients. Our service extends:

  • Long Distance
  • State to State
  • Cross-country
  • International
  • Airport Service
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Commercial Air Carriers
  • Air Ambulance/Private Jet

Trained Professionals
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Providing Clinical Excellence & Outstanding Customer Service!

We’ve got you covered!

What people are saying about SeniorCare…

I, rather late, wish to inform you of the caring service I received from those employees, cited above who are employees of yours.

In June, 2019 they showed reassuring and safe transport for me in my illness from Lenox Hill Hospital to Village Rehab and Nursing Center.

Suffering from COPD I caught a serious virus which put me in a very serious health condition, hence, the long delay in thanking your workers not only for their excellence in doing their services but for just as important to a patient their willingness to do their assigned tasks.

Your employees bring great credit to your services and I would highly recommend anyone to your organization for such excellent care I received.

Gratefully yours,


Yesterday I called SeniorCare ambulance for an ALS crew for chest pain. It was not a simple case. The responding medics were Bus 680 with Seemangal, Anuj And Olsen, Evan. They were courteous, professional, and very respectful towards the resident, family, the doctor, and staff. It is people like these that make your company what it is. Thanks for everything!

F. L.

I was so happy and pleased with the crew that picked me up yesterday. I just wanted to let everyone know you have good and professional people working for Senior Care. I am so glad and happy that I knew to call SENIORCARE EMS SERVICES!

I. M.


2019 Sim Comp Video

Phone: 718-430-1525
Bronx NY 10473
700 Havemeyer Avenue