We are CAAS Accredited!

SeniorCare EMS (SCEMS) has received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) for its adherence to national standards of excellence. SeniorCare EMS (SCEMS) is one of over 180 ambulance services in the country to successfully complete the voluntary review process which included completion of a comprehensive application and review by national experts in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). With this achievement, SeniorCare EMS (SCEMS) becomes the sixth accredited agency in New York State (NYS) and the only commercial ambulance service to be CAAS accredited in New York City (NYC).

The Commission is a non-profit organization which was established to encourage and promote quality patient care in America’s medical transportation system. The primary focus of the Commission’s standards is high-quality patient care. This is accomplished by establishing national standards which not only address the delivery of patient care, but also the ambulance service’s total operation and its relationship with other agencies, the public, and the medical community.

Michael Vatch, CEO, said accreditation “represents our firm commitment to our patients, our healthcare partners, and our community. Our core values are Clinical Excellence and Outstanding Customer Service, and we viewed this accreditation as another step toward always keeping quality front and center”.

“Our staff has been key to our successful completion of the process, and the pride felt by our front-line workers is palpable,” said Michael Vatch. “Everyone here plays a very valuable role in our ability to meet the Commission’s high standards. We have achieved accreditation, but it can only be a stimulus for continued improvement.”

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